2PS at National Prevention Days

Our expert Marek Navrátil from The National Institute of Mental Health (NUDZ), presented 2PS at National Prevention Days in Czech Republic. 



2PS speeches at National Prevention Days in Czech Republic


During the National Prevention Days in Czech Republic, our expert Marek Navrátil from The National Institute of Mental Health (NUDZ) presented the Protect & Prevent through Support project during a dedicated thematic speech.

The event, sponsored by the Czech Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of the Interior, focused on prevention of crime, safety and prevention of risky behaviour of children and young people. 

The 2PS project is contributing to the prevention domain by better understanding what leads to harmful behaviour, informing and educating people who fear they might offend against children about the support services and rehabilitation options they have and sharing the best practices for guidance, therapy and treatment methods with the relevant stakeholders.

The National Prevention Days represented an occasion to speak up about prevention measures to stop child sexual abuse and exploitation. In addition, the event was the occasion to meet sector operators, scientists and researchers. The involvement of these stakeholders is precious to present examples of good practices from regions and municipalities.

Specifically, our project represents an ongoing good practice in the domain of prevention of child sexual abuse and exploitation. Indeed, it brings a paradigm shift in preventing abuse before it occurs.

The strength of the 2PS project relies also in a complementary composition of the research team. In fact, by bringing together the relevant stakeholders who play a fundamental role in tackling CSAE,  the approach is multilateral and combined. The solutions we are developing, in constant dialogue with external experts such as our Advisory Board and different stakeholder consultations organised by the project, mirrors this approach.




About the National Prevention Days


The purpose of the National Prevention Day conference is to contribute to the development and support of the crime prevention system in the Czech Republic. Specifically, it aims to support the development of skills and training activities for crime prevention actors, to support cooperation, sharing and involvement of other actors in crime prevention. This year’s event represented the fourth edition.

The conference contributes to increasing awareness of the general public on current risks in the field of crime and risky behaviour, implemented activities, crime prevention projects and increasing public awareness of possibilities for protection from risks.

Thematically, the conference focused on strengthening the evidence-based crime prevention approach and analytical work, acquiring new knowledge, transferring experiences and good practices from the activities of organizations, municipalities or cities, on responding to the world’s most common new and current threats in the field of crime.

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