2PS at PIER23 event to tackling online harms

May 15, 2023

2PS attended the PIER23 event to tackling online harms in a whole system approach discussed during the event.

The PIER event stands alone in its scale and diversity of participants. The conference brings together leading voices from the UK, Europe and International communities to address the most pertinent matters connected with Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation (CSAE). The event includes many individuals responsible for tackling the threat and implications of online child sexual abuse for victims, their families and offenders.

The event is providing hybrid options for connectivity, making it hugely accessible. We encourage anyone working in the domain to join and contribute to tackling this global threat.

To continue making progress, it is essential that communities across the domain, specifically Law Enforcement, clinical support and our governments, share a vision and strategy for addressing the complex challenges.

2PS is excited to participate and is delighted that prevention is a key event topic. We believe that prevention is a crucial pillar in the structure needed to address the huge issues at hand. It does not supersede any other work but should harmonise with the actions required to investigate cases of child abuse and exploitation and the care and support we give to the victims and survivors of crime.

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