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Findings from Spanish Language Respondents to ReDirection Surveys of CSAM Users on Dark Web Search Engines


Protect Children published its latest research report “Spanish speaking CSAM users in the Dark Web” in collaboration with Red PaPaz.

Through the ReDirection project, funded by Safe Online initiative at End Violence Against Children, Protect Children is conducting unprecedented research. Specifically, it investigates anonymous online offenders in order to gain knowledge to end all forms of sexual violence against children

The new report presents findings from a total of 2,769 Spanish-speaking Child Sexual Abuse Material (CSAM) users and respondents to the ReDirection surveys placed in the dark web.

Based on the research results, Protect Children have compiled a list of recommendations to address the raging epidemic of child sexual abuse material. 

This new information is invaluable in enhancing global child protection efforts and strengthening the fight to protect children from sexual violence online.


Key results of the Spanish speaking CSAM users in the Dark Web report

The research revealed that 70% of Spanish-speaking respondents were first exposed to CSAM under the age of 18. Furthermore, 51% of Spanish-speaking CSAM users started to us CSAM recently, from one to four weeks ago. Only 38% of Spanish-speaking respondents reported going through some difficulties related to CSAM use. Lastly, 25% of Spanish-speaking CSAM users search for CSA depicting boys.

Read and download the full report at this link.


The ReDirection project

The ReDirection project is funded by the Safe Online Initiative at End Violence. Safe Online has invested over US $77M in +100 projects around the world to create a safer internet for children.

The Safe Online Initiative aims to make the internet safe for children by  generating evidence to inform advocacy and collective action.


Protect Children

Protect Children is a non-profit NGO organisation working internationally advocating for the right of the child to be free from sexual violence. The organisation is part of 2PS Consortium, contributing with its expertise to the project’s activities.

Read more information on their dedicated webpage.