2PS survey

Invitation to participate in a survey focused on user-centered messaging

Charité University Medicine – Berlin, the University of Bergen and Stop It Now Netherlands (part of 2PS Consortium) are launching the surveyPrevent & Protect Through Support (2PS) – User-centered Messaging: Exploring Preferences for the Promotion of a Support Platform”.

Hence, we are inviting you to participate in the survey, which will be running from May 15 to July 15.

This initiative is part of our ongoing research aimed at involving individuals who have sexual fantasies or engage in sexual behaviours involving children and adolescents as early as possible in the development process.

The survey is available in English, Dutch and German.



What is the objective of the survey?

The survey aims to guide communication strategies to enhance awareness for a future support platform tailored for individuals who have sexual fantasies or engage in behaviours involving children and adolescents.



Who can participate?

This survey specifically addresses individuals from diverse backgrounds who are seeking help and are willing to provide insights into their needs and preferences regarding messages designed to encourage people to seek help.



Is participation safe?

Participation in this survey is completely anonymous. We ensure the utmost confidentiality in handling survey data. Therefore, no identifying data such as email addresses are collected. Moreover, all data processing strictly adheres to the highest data protection standards.



Why participate?

By participating in this survey, you are playing a pivotal role in enhancing how support is communicated and delivered through our platform.

Your insights will help us develop messages that are sensitive and appropriate, fostering a more supportive environment for individuals seeking help.

The survey takes approximately 15 minutes. Nonetheless, you can choose to skip any question that makes you uncomfortable or end the survey at any time.

Link to the survey: Questionnaire | page 1 (charite.de)

Sharing of this survey is greatly welcome and appreciated!