ReDirection film

In strong collaboration, 2PS and Suojellaan Lapsia, Protect Children ry have released the ReDirection film.

The ReDirection film highlights the paramount importance of offender-focused prevention of child sexual abuse.

According to research, the creation, distribution, and use of CSAM is a far greater problem than what is publicly acknowledged.

It is an urgent public health and children’s rights issue, posing a significant risk to all children globally.



In this regard, the ReDirection film outlines two prevention resources – platform (2PS) and the ReDirection Self-Help Program (Protect Children).

2PS platform in ReDirection film is currently being developed by 2PS project. The platform aims to help people to make positive change by providing a dynamic overview of services and therapy tailored to the user’s needs.

2PS aims to launch in the next months.

ReDirection Self-Help Program

The ReDirection Self-Help Program is an anonymous rehabilitative self-help program which aims to help adopt a lifestyle without child sexual abuse material.

The program is currently available on the surface web and the dark web in English, Finnish and Spanish with more language versions pending publication in 2023-2024.

Supporting prevention of child sexual abuse

Rehabilitating offenders is an essential part of effective child protection. In fact, by directing child sexual abuse material users to help services, we prevent future crimes from occurring.

Most importantly, this will break the cycle of retraumatization and traumatization of more children.