United for Child Safety

Sparks in the Dark Conference: United For Child Safety – Stakeholder Meeting

The event dedicated to child safety brought together European Union-funded projects dedicated to tackling child sexual abuse and exploitation (CSAE). 

Sparks in the Dark conference

The event

The Sparks in the Dark conference took place in Prague on March 20th, hosted by our partner and colleagues from Národní ústav duševního zdraví – NUDZ (National Institute of Mental Health).

The event was open to external stakeholders to discuss together possible strategies to enhance the prevention of child sexual abuse. Specifically, Project Bridge, STOP-CSAM, Protech, CESAGRAM, Priority and HEROES were present at the conference.

Firstly, each project presented its inspirational work and initiatives highlighting progress and challenges that can be addressed holistically.

Secondly, in the afternoon, experts had the opportunity to exchange insights on the newest developments in the domain and discuss possible synergies and future initiatives.

Watch a summary video of the day here below:



United for Child Safety

The discussions during the conference were productive and inspirational. The level of expertise around the table and the level of commitment was high and 2PS got inspired by others.

Indeed, as part of the Sparks in the Dark community, 2PS commits to enhancing the prevention of CSAE and raising awareness among professionals, policymakers and citizens.

We must act globally to tackle a global problem.



Sparks in the Dark

Sparks in the Dark is a community platform, meaning the representatives of multiple initiatives dedicated to combating CSAE provide and publish the content. Through this joint effort, we can present a view of the domain as wide as possible through perspectives of different organisations and projects.

Specifically, the website gathers and presents the most relevant information about CSAE in one place, filtering it and highlighting the most important points in a user-friendly manner. The aim is to present the content understandably and simplistically.

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