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The Children in the Pictures

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The documentary provides a detailed insight into the investigative procedures surrounding child sexual exploitation. It illustrates the challenging nature of the authorities’ work, given the involvement of multiple countries with diverse legal jurisdictions.  

Projects like 2PS and other initiatives aim to run parallel to law enforcement efforts, reinforcing prevention against CSAE.  

Indeed, prevention is the focus of the 2PS project, whose goal is to protect children from child sexual abuse by acting at the roots: preventing crime and abuse before it occurs, and where a person has offended, the intention would remain the same: to prevent any future offending and further child victims 

To achieve this, it is of fundamental importance we ensure the availability of support and help for potential perpetrators to facilitate behavioural control and prevent them from offending. By opening doors and helping to support those who experience sexual thoughts of children and acknowledging the problem, we can work to prevent potential perpetrators acting on their thoughts.